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MAZ Technology

A US patented technology comprises of a formulation of high-energy nitroalkane-based organic compounds that heighten the chemical reactivity of the fuel combustion process in engines.


World’s Only Patented Nitro-based Combustion

This breakthrough technology generates a fast burn at high temperature to not only reduce fuel consumption by more than 8%, but also reduce sooty flame to produce a cleaner engine. Additionally, it naturally produces a protective film to minimize engine friction and heat loss, thus improving mechanical efficiency to deliver extra horsepower.

World’s First Multifunctional Fuel Additives

In September, 2013, the SAE-China held a Seminar in Beijing affirming MAZ as the world’s first multifunctional fuel additive in simultaneously achieving fuel savings, engine detergency, and lower exhaust emissions.

Most other fuel additives are “detergency control additives” using nitrogen derived products such as PolyEther Amine (PEA) as fuel system cleaner. The long term effect seems elusive as the sooty flame regularly overwhelms the cleansing activity in combustion chamber.


World’s First to Combat Diesel Exhaust Nanoparticles 

MAZ reduces more than 30% of the diesel exhaust nanoparticles, which are the deadliest forms of air pollution as these nanoparticles are able to penetrate deep into the bloodstream causing permanent body damage. And, there is no safe level for these nanoparticles. Alarmingly, they also escape the entrapment devices installed in the vehicles. Hence, there is a significant advantage of using MAZ to reduce health risks for those regularly exposed to diesel exhaust.