Global Urgency

  • Twin Global Urgencies
    • Today, our world is faced with the rising twin urgencies of tackling global climate change from the transport sector, and the toxic air pollution from nanoparticles from the vehicle exhaust.
    • The transport sector consumes 65% of the global daily fuel supply of 96.57 million barrels, and generates more than 10 billion tons of CO2 emissions a year. WHO has, particlularly, warned that diesel exhaust can cause cancer.
    • These urgencies will be made worse as car ownership is forecast to rise to 2 billions units in the next twenty years.
    • The various measures adopted by governments to tackle these urgencies have fallen short as one of the root causes, combustion efficiency, is not properly addressed.
    • A US patented nitro-combustion efficiency technology, MAZ Nitro, has been proven to reduce fuel consumption by an average of 10%, and more than 36% in reduction of exhaust nanoparticles.